Do the Can Can Can!

Montmarte, the saucier side of Paris
August 30, 2010
We will always have Paris…
September 2, 2010

The Louvre is the biggest Gallery we have ever been to! We arrived from the Metro underneath the pyramids. This is a pretty cool entrance so we took some shots. I think these pyramids caused a bit of controversy when they were installed but we really liked them.

The Louvre was so big so we decided to tackle the must sees first since it was earlier in the day, then have a look around the rest of the gallery. The Mona Lisa was beautiful, although you can’t get very close because they have a big barricade around it. Then you have to fight your way (and I mean fight) to the front to get a good view. We took some shots of the crowds around the painting, they were insane! People barging their way to the front, not even looking at the painting, just getting there “i was here” photo then moving on. Was a spectacle in itself :)


We spent about 5 hours in all in the gallery and had a look through Napoleons “Apartment” although this place was bigger than my house, and it was more over the top that Versailles! We took some shots of the paintings that we really liked. Michael especially liked “The Nipple Cripple”, though we have no idea why these 2 girls are doing it… The Louvre was built on an old fort, and was also a palace so it was really great just walking around the massive space.


After we left The Louvre we took the 3km walk straight down to the Arc Di Triumph, stopping at Concorde place to find the plaque marking the spot where Marie Antoinette was beheaded with the guillotine. The Arc was in a massive round about so was a little worried about crossing the road to get to it, then we found the underpass which was much easier!


For my birthday (which is tomorrow!) we went to the Moulin Rouge. We got some much better shots of it today and also as we were leaving. Wasn’t as old fashioned as we thought it would be, quite modern now, almost a Vegas style show. They squeezed us in beside a Japanese couple who were a bit peeved we got the better seats :) The show itself was really good although massively cheesy – hahaha, there was a ventriloquist for crying out loud between acts – hahahaha. Was very entertaining though and certainly an experience worth doing once :) One cool thing was a giant water tank one of the girls got in with about 6 massive snakes. The snakes were trying to get out, I thought if they had it would of been very entertaining, but unfortunately they couldn’t :)


Tomorrow is my 29th Birthday, so we are going shopping (YAH!) and also out for dinner with some friends who have booked their favourite French restaurant for us, which we are really looking forward to.

Au revoir!


  1. Carrie says:

    omg guys! Last night I dreamt that all of the family were over in Paris and we met up with you and Jess and Nick!! See now my dreams are living though your holiday!! haha

  2. Granpa says:

    Happy birthday Beth. Keep Michael away from those naughty pictures. Love Granpa and Granma.

  3. mum and flash says:

    Hi guys,Happy Birthday Beth,sounds like you both have it well planned,sounds great.I’m thinking of you.Enjoy the day!xo
    Wow once again awesome photos,how you managing the crowds Mich,I know there not your most favourite thing,but as long as your getting to see the things you want? It’s hard to absorbe how much afluence and money back then,and how the rich lived,all they had around them,it blows my mind,I’m so happy you are there,having these experiences.I keep saying I wish I was there,but I do,I really do. Well one day,I will be. Moulin Rouge looks very exciting,great seats,after all it is your b’day. Good that your going out with your friends,enjoy.
    Wonder whats on the menu,can’t wait to see next update. Loved the pyramid,looks fantastic,huge,must take quite a while to get around all of it.
    Well au revoir,enjoy,Love Mum and Flash.xxxooo

    • Thanks, we have been taking a little less effort with our photos of late though, after two months of blog posts its hard to keep production up 🙂 Crowds have been fine, some people are very rude and pushy, but you just have to go with it.

      About to take Beth shopping today, she has a blank cheque for the day so hopefully she shops her little heart out!

  4. Mum xxxx says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY my beautiful daughter! What a place to celebrate it! Dont forget to try the Escargo and Frog Legs tonight for Entree…xxxxxxx

    I love the pics of Moulin Rouge, beautiful at night too. What a contrast from the Metropolitan Signage in the foreground.

    Cant wait for you to come home on Friday night though, I am really missing you both…xxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Mum xxxx says:

    You have both done a fantastic job with your traveling blog! Dont give up now, this will be a very important reminder of your daily travel adventures when you get home and into the future.

    We are all enjoying it so much, we feel like we are with you on your adventures.

    Keep up the good work, only a few more days and it will all be over…keep up the pace, you will never regret the hard work once you are back in Australia…

    lots of love…………

  6. mum and flash says:

    Ooh! a blank cheque? you can shop till you drop,sounds good to me.Have lots of fun with it.Can’t wait to hear about the can can and your meals,and your
    great buy.
    Happy Birthday again Beth,enjoy, both of you.
    Au revoir,Mum,Flash,woof,woof.xxoo