We will always have Paris…: Part 2

September 2, 2010
We will always have Paris…
September 2, 2010
Bella Roma
September 6, 2016

Today we did a little more shopping, then went to meet my cousin Nick and Layla on Isle Saint Louis for ice-cream from the famous shop there.

This is the little island on the Seine. Unfortunately when we got there it was closed for summer (very odd for an ice-cream place to be closed for summer…) but we found a little cafe around the corner that did crepes with the famous ice-cream scooped on top – yum! Was great to see another familiar face all the way over here. Pity we didn’t catch Jessica my other cousin as she arrived tonight so we missed her. Nick is off to London then to South American so he won’t be back in Melbourne till March next year! So was good to catch him. He’s just come to Paris from Russia.

For our last dinner we bought a baguette, some assorted local cheese’s, salad and ate it in front of the Eiffel Tower. Was a fitting end to the trip.


We have had an amazing time and seen and done things we never thought we would see and do. We can’t believe its been 2 months already, it feels like its been a lot longer. We hope to get back to Europe (Michael’s already planning) someday to see some of the things we missed. Thanks to everyone who has been following us on our trip and thanks for your comments, reminds us that we have friends – hahahah.

So a quick summary below of the trip

Countries Visited: 3
Days overseas: 58
Hotels Stayed in: 18
Number of long distance trains: 22
Number of Buses (regional): 5
Hours on trains: 57
Books read (michael): 3 1/2 – Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Heart of Darkness, The Iron Heel, War & Peace (still going)
Books read (beth): 2 1/2 – Eat, Pray, Love, The time travelers wife, The count of monte Cristo (still going)
Kms travelled: (we will have to work this out when we get home)
Times Beth cried: 3 (all on walks or bike rides)
Worst meal: La Spezia, Bruschetta that was stale toast with tomato paste and oregano on top (WTF)
Best Meal: too many to count, had a fav resturant in Florence and we loved simple food in Rome and tapas in Spain
Croissants eaten: at least 1 a day on the whole trip, so that’s got to be over 70 each!!
Number of Gelato flavours: At least 30
Items of clothing left behind: beth – a pair of shoes, a towel, Michael – 2 pairs of shoes, a towel
Longest walk with our packs because we got lost: 5km in Tuscany when we went to Cortona

So for the last time – Ciao!, Adios!, Au revoir!

We hope you have had as much fun following our trip and we have had living it!

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