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We will always have Paris…

September 2, 2010
Do the Can Can Can!
August 31, 2010
We will always have Paris…: Part 2
September 2, 2010

Well the time has come… Time to spend our last 2 days in Paris and on our trip of a lifetime :(

Yesterday was my birthday, so we spent the day shopping (so good!) we bought so much we have had to buy extra suitcases, hopefully we can take them as carry on :) We also took some photos as we shopped till we dropped. Galleries Lafayette is the craziest department store I have ever seen, and Hermes felt like we needed a trust fund when we walked in so we didn’t stay long. We also graced Zara (my new favourite) and H&M (both our new favourites).

For my birthday dinner our friends Nat and Renaud who we stayed with at the start of our Paris leg booked their favourite resturant Le Petit Prince. It was in the Latin Quarter right near the Pantheon so we took some photos at sunset of the building and also the street looking down to the Eiffel Tower. Dinner was amazingly good! We only managed to get a shot of dessert (chocolate puddings) as we all quickly ate our mains. I had the most amazing pork dish I have ever eaten and Michael had beef. (no snails or frogs legs on the menu, doesn’t seem to be as “popular” as people think)


  1. Mitz says:

    Yay to you both….what a wicked adventure. awesomest travel blog ever! Brill photos and commentary. Safe travels back. xo

  2. Dad says:

    It’s kinda sad that it has to end. Boo!!
    We have very much enjoyed your travels and have felt that we have shared the adventure with you both. For lovers of art, architecture, history and let’s not forget food… it has been an amazing journey. Although this journey must end, I’m sure it wont be the last.
    Thank you both so much for involving us all. Looking very much forward to catching up at home. Safe journey home, love to you both.

  3. Carrie says:

    oh I have enjoyed it so much!! I would read it every morning before work and it would brighten my day! Have a safe flight guys and I hope I can see you before I am off on my adventure! xxxx

  4. alex says:

    best blog ever

  5. Sambo says:

    War and Peace… Jesus.

    Best. Travel. Blog. Ever.

  6. mum and flash says:

    Oh well! last comment to you,while sad your holidays over,Flash and I are looking forward to seeing you both.Wow what an adventure,thankyou for sharing it with me,I always looked forward to seeing where you were, and what you were doing next,I will surely miss my daily fix of adventure.I’m sure there will be many more to come though.I think you both did an awesome job of the blog and all your plans for the trip.Well,see you tomorrow night,safe flight,love you both,and looking forward to seeing you . Lots of love,
    Au revoir for now,Mum and Flash.xxxooo

  7. Dale Rankin says:

    Nice work! Sam took the words out of my mouth, with both comments.
    See you guys soon!

  8. Michael Walsh says:

    Ha-ha, thanks guys, great to have had some company while we travelled and was really nice to hear your comments.

    Just got home tonight, so looking forward to catching up with you all as soon as we sleep off the 24 hours of transit.