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Barbialla Nuova

From Rome to Tuscany
September 10, 2016
Road trip around Tuscany
September 12, 2016

Being Sunday, and so much is closed, we decided to stay local and explore the farm and the local village.

The boys were up at 7 so it gave us a great chance to check out the forrest behind our house for animals. Our big four are a wild boar, porcupine, badger and a deer. I have seen a couple of squirrels but nothing else so far.

Our villa is a 10 minute drive up a dirt road from the main gate so of course we got lost trying to get out. Luckily we figured it out soon enough before driving up a mountain or something. The property is huge so it easy to get lost :)

At the front gate there is a produce store and all the animals. We went and visited the cows, chickens, pigs, horses and rabbits. The boys are on the hunt for any of the cats and dogs that roam the farm. The cows here are a special variety that the Tuscans used for their famous florentine steak.


To make the most of the day we headed into Montaione to get some shopping and gelato of course. The town is pretty much one main road with all the houses running off it. For such a small town they must still love their gelato as there are two on the Main Street!

After our mid morning sugar rush we headed to the lookout which conveniently had a playground to keep the boys happy for a while.


We spent the afternoon in our yard outside the villa, had a swim and watch the kids playing with sticks in the forest. Michael managed to squeeze in a 5km hike through the forest too.

We are going to do a day trip tomorrow so looking forward to exploring the region.



Today's notables:
1. This farm is beautiful and we are so pleased we found it. It was the only place we didn't book through air BnB.
2. The olive oil made on the property is amazing! I wish I could bring some home.
3. Everything is cheaper at the supermarket in Tuscany and the produce is so fresh! We had zucchini flower and sage butter pasta for dinner which totalled about 4E! The sage was from just outside out door.
4. We have starting eating figs from the trees out front - I don't think there will be any left by the end of the week.


Beth: mint chocolate and Nutella
Michael: fiore de latte and caramel
Boys: raspberry


  1. Jackie Petrie says:

    What a fantastic experience for you all.
    It’s great reading about it.

  2. Nonie Walsh says:

    Yummy the gelato sounds amazing,I’d have trouble choosing between all of them,mmm yummy. Oh Ollie that crocodile is huge,did you have to wrestle him in the water,ha ha.great pool,you have it all to yourself,how magical with all the surrounds. Great farmyard,so glad Mich you fitted in a hike,that would have been nice. Nice one Mich,just lazing around,eating fruit off the tree,cuddling your boys,thats great.Thats a nice photo of the boys at the playground sitting on the ledge,I bet you both had lots of fun Aidan and Ollie. The photo of the Cactus is gorgeous,amazing colour.Be careful of those wild bores,they’ll chase you,they’re not very friendly.I love looking at all the photos,their amazing,I so wish I was there. Ive been eating those beans in the backyard Mich,plenty of them there. Well I better go,I want to show Nan some of the photos tomorrow ,if i can,not sure if hospital has internet,but anyway another trial for me,unlike your great adventure,mine is on the computer. Love you all heaps,miss you all,have lots of fun Aidan and Ollie,love and miss you guys xxxooo

  3. Nonie Walsh says:

    Beth is beaming in her photo at the window,you look so happy,thats great love,enjoy,you all so deserve it xo

  4. Debbi says:

    What a fantastic lot of photos Beth. The area looks so beautiful and peaceful. Have you tried eating the prickly pear flowers yet? Apparently they are really nice. The pool also looks great! Is it cold water? Did Ollie find the crocodile in the pool? It looks bigger than him, but he looks like he has it under control. I must try some gelato myself and see what it is like. xxxxxxxxxxx

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