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Bye bye Switzerland

Lovely Lucerne
October 7, 2016
The Big Island
March 24, 2017

So sad, our final full day in Europe.

We decided to get out of town to see some local wildlife to cap off our visit to Italy and Switzerland.

We headed out for breakfast again this morning and did some last minute shopping for knives of course :)

We had to walk to our car as Lucerne is a no car zone, which allowed us to stroll through the Saturday food market. It was lovely to see all the fall decorations, pumpkins, orange flowers and handmade ornaments. When we got to the end, surprise! A flea market!! I was very excited :D I started to look through much to the kids disgust.

While I was looking through one stall, the stall holder entertained the boys with a string and balancing ball. Unfortunately Ollie got more of a turn and Aidan had a meltdown in the market. It meant a quick retreat to the car - so we missed the rest of the market :(

1/2 an hour away we arrived at the Tier Park Goldau. It is basically a Healesville Sanctuary with Swiss, German and Italian animals. The kids were pretty excited to see the bears and wolves so we went there first. There was a big new enclosure and they were living together! We watched the bears for ages as there was 6 of them wandering around.

We went down underground to watch the bears through the glass. I took the opportunity to go to the bathroom as there were no bears in sight. When I was in there this massive bear came right up to the window of the bathroom! Whilst a big group had gathered around the window outside, I had prime position in the toilet - ha!

The boys got in some play on yet another amazing playground, then we wandering the rest of the park looking at wild boars, owls, birds, deer (which roamed like the kangaroos do at Healesville), goats and chickens.


We can’t believe that our wonderful holiday is over, but we are ready to come home. The kids have had a ball as have Michael and I. We are stoked that we took the risk and headed overseas for 5 weeks with almost 5 years olds. It has been really challenging at times, but so rewarding as well.

Trip Notables:

Gelato eaten: 64
Birthdays celebrated: 3
Countries: 3 (Italy, Switzerland, France - for 15 minutes)
Tantrums: countless
Animals spotted in the wild: Wild boar, Hare, Red Squirrel, Marmot, Bees, Falcons, Italian Hawk Moth
Cars: 2
Planes: 4
Cable Cars: 11
Trains: 8
Items lost: 1 sock (St Moritz) , 1 memory game piece, the lion (Apennines), the kids night light (Alpe Di Suisi)
Kilometres in the car: First car 3600km, Second car 400km approx.
People who took photos of our kids instead of the monuments/scenery: 3

Till next time!


  1. Jackie says:

    Certainly an eventful holiday. One to remember forever.

  2. Berna/GandG says:

    Thank you Beth, Michael, Aidan and Ollie.
    We have loved reliving your adventures through this blog every day.
    What a treasure it has been, just magic!!! Xxx

  3. Debbi, (Mummy), (Nanny Deb) says:

    OMG Beth the colours of Autumn decorations are lovely there.
    Lucerne is a lovely old place, I love the paintings on the walls of the building and coats of arms tangled in them.
    It makes me think of the towns in fairytale books, that I still love to read. Beautiful.
    Great photos of the local wild life at the zoo. Bambi is so close, did you see some wolves as well, they would be my other favorite animal to spot. Funny about the view in the toilet, haha. Did the boys want to go there after you told them about the bear?
    A flea market at last! Thats where I would be heading as well and every antique and bric-a -brac shop along the way. Was there heaps of old stuff that you wouldnt see in Australia?
    Remember to remind Aidan, that Santa Claus is watching out for naughty boys. He doesnt want to be on the naughty list.
    I meant to ask you before you left if you had ear plugs for the bells. I take them everywhere with me. You never know what loud noises surround you at night…it might just be snoring!
    All of the photos on this blog have been spectacular! I have really enjoyed following you all on your big adventure through Italy and Switzerland.
    I have called Noni today to organise us, picking you up from the airport as well. I cant wait to see you all, home safe and sound.
    What an amazing adventure you have all had. I hope that one day I get the opportunity to do the same.
    See you at Tulla on Monday night/Tuesday morning. Lots and lots of love and zerbits for everyone. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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