The Big Island

Bye bye Switzerland
October 8, 2016
Big Island cruising
March 25, 2017

We had a pretty smooth flight over to Hawaii landing in Honolulu at 6am to watch the sun come up.

Ollie nabbed about 3 hours sleep on the plane but Aidan got zero! He persisted with watching movies the entire flight.

When we were waiting for our second flight to the big island, Aidan passed out on the floor of the airport - bless. We had to wake him for the flight which he was quite upset about, but fell asleep quickly on the short 1 hour flight to the big island. So while Aidan snored, Ollie got very excited flying over the other islands with a highlight seeing a ‘big mountain’ poking above the clouds.

We stopped to get some groceries on the way at Safeway - a huge supermarket even by Aussie standards. When i approached the counter I realised that all the prices were for members only. When the cashier asked for my membership card I told him that I was a tourist so didn’t have one. He promptly handed me one, gave me the discount and said ‘Welcome to Hawaii!’.

On arriving at our little home away from home, we were greeted with beautiful views and met the local farmer one the property below us. He grows coffee and macadamias. He kindly told us to help ourselves to his avocado tree - which we will!

We had an early night as we all barely slept on the plane over.

Aloha x

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