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Big Island cruising

The Big Island
March 24, 2017
Beach Day at Hapuna
March 26, 2017

Today we woke up and headed to a local cafe Kaya's for what we were told was great coffee and breakfast. It was a little roadside diner which was truely Hawaiian with its shack like appearance, really chilled staff and alternative food, produce and products everywhere.

After a coffee break (we only had a small breakfast and I forgot to order for Michael!) we went for a drive down along Ali drive - the road that runs the whole length of Kona along the beach.

We stopped at Magic Sands beach for a dip as it was getting warm already. The beach was crowded as it was a Saturday but we still got a great spot under some big old Hawaiian trees in the shade. The kids spent the next hour and a half jumping off rocks into the crashing shoreline waves. The beach was way too rough for us to take the kids swimming but they had fun just wading. We were also rewarded with about 5 turtles swimming close to shore. A couple breached and another came really close to the break so we got a great look at them.

After the beach we decided to take the drive down to the Black Sand Beach in the south, about an hour and a half away. The drive down was on the south hwy which Michael and I avoided on our last trip as we were told it wasn;t a good tourist road. It was fine! We got to see some old lava flows as we drove through (from 1950 Mauna Lau) and we stopped at the southern most bakery in the USA for lunch where we had sandwiches, donuts and sweet bread in flavours like pineapple, guava, strawberry, custard, chocolate and mango.

We hit the road again toward the black sand beach. Michael and I weren’t sure what to expect but it was actually amazing. It truely is black sand, not rock and it was soft and glistened like diamonds. Walking along the beach we got to see some more turtles basking on the shore. They were very chilled out and in a protected area as I can imagine how many people try and touch them.

We hung out on the beach while the kids made a turtle out of coconut husks - admired by all the passers by :)

For dinner Michael and I got some local angus beef and cooked it up on the bbq. We also bought a really nice pineapple that we are going to get into tomorrow.

Aloha x

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