Beach Day at Hapuna

Big Island cruising
March 25, 2017
To the Volcano
March 27, 2017

Because we had to cut the kids beach day short yesterday, we decided to find another white sand beach and head there for the day.

We had a lovely breakfast this morning on our lani overlooking the ocean. We made fruit salad with all the fruit we have bought and had bagels - which are so much easier to get here!

We then headed off for an hour drive to the beach, which the boys were very excited about. Again along the way we passed some really big lava flows from teh 1800’s and some big lava tubes that had been left behind. If we get time we might head back and walk on this one.

Getting into the park was easy although parking was not! Weekends in Hawaii are clearly spent at the beach. Once we got onto the sand the beach reminded us a lot of Anglesea with its large expanse of sand - just much bigger waves. We had to watch the kids closely again here but they had more freedom to splash around in the shallows. The waves were big and dumping right on shore. It was a good opportunity to show the kids what a rip was and strong currents as they were everywhere.

The boys made some little friends on the beach and had a ball making sand holes and filling them with water to jump in. We all got a tad burnt as we had no shelter and I think it was an especially hot day in Hawaii today.

The kids passed out on the way home so Michael I and decided we would get Da Poke Shack for dinner. Poke is a fish served raw in Hawaii - a bit like sashimi. Going off memory (never a good idea) we couldn’t find the place… but we did find a Hulu Hulu BBQ!! We quickly pulled over and went and bought a whole chicken that was basting on a massive rotisserie on the side of the road. You buy all the good food off the side of the road here.

We had a spa when we got home then enjoyed our chicken which was so smokey and tender. Yum! We have enough left over for tomorrow too :)

Tomorrow we are off to the big attraction - the Volcano. The kids are pretty excited and we are too as we had to speed through here on our last trip. We are hoping to see more of the park and more of the actual lava flows and sights.

Aloha x

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