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The most Northern Tip

To the Volcano
March 27, 2017
Shopping day in Kona
March 29, 2017

After spending so much time in the south of the island we decided to head north today in the hopes of catching a beach clean up that was happening about 2 hours away on the Pololu trail.

After another big drive (1.5 hours) we arrived in Hawi - the big islands answer to Byron Bay. We had lunch in a shabby little cafe that the internet said was good (it wasn’t) and the kids were going bonkers by the time we got there due to so much car time. After our vegan lunches we took a stroll around the beautiful little town for about 10 minutes before the kids cracked it :(


Back in the car and we headed for the Pololu Trail a steep walk down into a valley and a black sand beach. At the top the car park was packed, but a lot of people weren’t taking the walk due to it being too steep. We had done our homework and knew there was a good reward at the bottom so we headed down - hoping the kids would be ok. The kids were more that ok, they practically ran the whole way down the steep cliff edge paths! The views as we descended into the valley were beautiful, across both the black beach into the distance of the coast line and inland to the valley. This whole area was apart of the filming for Jurassic Park. We flew over this last time we were here in a chopper, so it was nice to see it at ground level.

Once at the bottom there was a very ‘Lost’ feel camp and makeshift play area - made of old ropes and boat debris that has washed up on the shore. We unfortunately missed the clean up by a few hours, but you can see why they need to do it. The water is really rough and all the junk washes up here and a lot of other places in Hawaii from all over the ocean.

The kids had a good splash around in the waves and we build a few stone stacks before Michael and ollie headed off for a walk and Aidan and i went and played on the rope and build a cubby house out of sticks and logs.

Such a magical little place that not a lot of people see due to the walk, was so glad we made the decent. When it was time to head back up I was really worried about the kids not making it - let alone me!

But again they proved me wrong and pretty much ran up the whole thing. Aidan even doubled back to support me - bless.


At the top we headed to a local roadside shop over looking the cliffs (Fresh off the grid) for some shaved ice, ice cream and smoothies. It was exactly the sugar hit we all needed after the walk.

On the way home we stopped at a self serve fruit stand for some ruby red grape fruits that were huge and again in Hawi for some coffee. Michael and I ate chocolate coated coffee beans on the way home for an extra energy boost - zing!!

We also got to witness lots of goats on the way back as it was dusk and they were all out in the lava fields. No donkey yet though!

For dinner we headed to a Mexican restaurant that Michael and i visited 8 years ago and it was still there - hooray!

Another big day, so tomorrow we are staying local in Kona to do a bit of shopping and some snorkelling with turtles.

Aloha x

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