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Kikaua Point Park Beach

Shopping day in Kona
March 29, 2017
Welcome to The North Shore
March 31, 2017

For our last day on the Big Island we wanted to find a nice sandy beach with no waves that we could stay at all day.

Lucky for us the internet provided and we found Kikaua Point Park - also known as Keiki beach (kids beach). It was an easy 40 minute drive from our house so we set off early learning that you have to get there early to get one of the 20 coveted car parking spots.

On arrival we checked in at a security gate that then gave us instructions to drive down to the "public" beach. It felt like we were driving through a very nice and expensive village. I can imagine celebrities holiday here as the house were huge - and mostly empty from what we could tell.

As promised there was a tiny car park with around 20 spots, but thats ok because we were in!

The beach was totally worth it. A beautiful little tide pool perfect for kids to swim in along with some easy snorkelling. We found a perfect tree and set up for the day and watched the kids have a ball splashing around in the water.

We also met a lovely couple of Oregon who frequently host people on couch They gave us a card and invited us to stay in we were every in the area - so lovely!

This has been by far the best beach on the Big Island as it had sand, shallows, no waves and fish to look at! Aidan did his first bit of snorkelling in the shallows. It was really amazing to watch him swimming around on his own with his head under the water looking at fish.

Tomorrow we head off really early (5am!) from the house to the airport to catch our flight back to Oahu.

We have loved staying on the Big Island and our AirBnB has been amazing. You can see it here: Coffee Country Artist Cottage W/ Ocean Views


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