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Welcome to The North Shore

Kikaua Point Park Beach
March 30, 2017
East coast Oahu
April 1, 2017

After a very early start we arrived on Oahu, picked up our car and started on the 1 hour drive to the North Shore where we would be staying.

Michael and I had fun spotting all the familiar things as we passed on our way including the Dole Plantation and some of the major breaks on the North Shore.

When we hit the coastline we were surprised by how big the wave were! It seemed all the beaches were closed - the reason we would learn later was an unusually big swell had hit producing 30ft waves! As we drove past Waimea Bay there were photographers lining the highway with telescopic lenses. You could just make our the surfers attempting to surf the epic waves.

We pulled over at Three Tables which was really close to our house to watch the action. The waves were seriously big and dangerous. You could easily see why they closed the beach as each wave had a mind of its own when it hit the shore - some travelling all the way to the edge of the sand.

After settling into our new house we stopped at Sharks Cove and awesome food truck stop a bit like Welcome to Thornbury - just much bigger. Michael and the kids had Mexican (fish tacos - yum!) while I went straight for my favourite thing to eat in Hawaii - shrimp!

After we filled our tummies we went for a cruise getting to know our new little home. After grabbing some fresh fruit at a roadside vendor, we ventured into the bushes to find the "Lost Loop Trail" where the majority of the first season of Lost was filmed. There is a beautiful little bay which even today had a big swell.

The kids had fun climbing around in the famous Banyan trees and getting all wet when the waves pushed way up the shoreline due to the swell.

The boys spent the afternoon getting to know the kids around where we were staying - who all roamed the streets in a little posse like it was 1950. It was really chilled. There was something really lovely about these kids just hanging out, climbing trees - not a phone or ipad in sight.


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