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East coast Oahu

Welcome to The North Shore
March 31, 2017
Our secret beach
April 2, 2017

After getting some tips from our hosts we headed for the East Coast where the best swimming beaches on Oahu can be found.

We took the scenic route to our first stop of the day - Kailua Beach Park. It took about 1.5 hours to drive there from the North Shore due to a bit of traffic but it was a lovely drive.

The beach was beautiful! Being Saturday there were a lot of families on the beach, clearly the place to come with little kids. The boys quickly got into the water and Aidan started snorkelling with his new found confidence.

After a bit of a play we had lunch at the famous Buzz's Lanikai which was surprisingly good for a diner so close to the beach.

We decided that we were only 40 minutes from Waikiki so it would be worth heading in there for the free Hula show.

When we arrived at Waikiki it was crazy busy - especially since it was the weekend. After getting out of the car though we noticed a lot of college aged people everywhere carrying inflatables. We knew it was on but hadn't really bumped into Spring Break yet.

You've got to love a facebook event. Clearly someone had put the call out to the Spring Break crowd to head down to Waikiki for an inflatable party. I have never seen some many people floating around in the water. Some of them were even in blow up pools! There was a heavy police presence on jet skis and on the beach, but they weren't really doing too much harm. Just very entertaining.

To kill some time before the show we took the kids to Dukes to eat a famous 'Hula Pie'. There little eyes popped out of their heads when they saw it - but I think the mocktails were an even bigger hit! Aidan got up the courage to ask the band to play his new favourite artist (Jack Johnson) before we headed off to get our spot on the grass for the free show.

Lucky for us the show is only on twice a week now and we managed to be there on the right night. The kids really enjoyed watching the dancers and the band - so glad we decided to go to Waikiki for it.

On the way back to the car Aidan and Ollie found heaps of discarded inflatable donuts. In the spirit of recycling we grabbed one and carried it back to the car. No need for it to go to waste :)


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