Manoa Falls Trail

Our secret beach
April 2, 2017
Haleiwa to Waimea
April 4, 2017

Although Michael and I had ben to Manoa Falls before we thought the kids would really like it, especially since it feels straight out of Jurassic Park.

We lucked out for the walk as the sky was blue. The trail is notoriously slippery and you also don't want it to rain as its muddy even in good weather.

When we arrived at the entrance to the trail it was very different from the busted old fence Michael and I remember from our last visit. Since we were here last they had clearly made some upgrades to the trail.

As soon as you entered it was like stepping back in time. The kids were super excited to stretch their legs and explore in the jungle. You could hear all the birds around us and when the kids were quiet enough see them too.

We hiked about 30 minutes to the water falls which was more of a trickle when we arrived. No big rain means no big waterfall. It was a beautiful walk though.

On the way back we took our time to play in the bamboo forest and some of the more interesting spots along the walk. A lot of people were powering past us to get to the falls take a photo, then head back.

We took the scenic road home and stopped at the beach as the kids really wanted a swim. We picked Kualoa Regional Park as we remembered it was shallow and quiet for swimming. When we arrived it was freezing (by Hawaiian standards) but the kids still went in. I took a little nap on the beach and watched people climbing to the top of Mokoli'i just off the shore.


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