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Haleiwa to Waimea

Manoa Falls Trail
April 3, 2017
Lovely Lanikai
April 5, 2017

We returned to Haleiwa today to do some paddle boarding in the river.

We hired a board and I set out first to learn how to balance and to go for a paddle up the river to try and spot some turtles. It was so much fun! Going to have to get one when we get home. Michael had a turn as well and really enjoyed it.

After the SUP workout we headed into town to get a famous Matsumoto Shave Ice. When we arrived the line was out the door and across the yard. We knew it was famous so worth standing in the line. Luckily the line only took about 20 minutes and the kids were excited so happy to wait.

The kids both got rainbow flavours, whilst I got pina colada, raspberry and pineapple. Michael got the flavour of the day - peach along with lime and watermelon.

We all had a nice 'weeze' on after consuming a bowl of ice and flavouring :)

Still hungry we thought we would attempt another visit to Romi's. It was only a 10 minute drive so well worth the effort.

When we arrived there was no line - Hooray! After a short 20 minute wait Michael and I enjoyed every mouthful of our roadside shrimp. The kids had a try and weren't fans. (mental note - if I want a meal to myself get shrimp)

To end the day we went for a play at Waimea Bay. As we arrived a big storm cloud swept over making for some beautiful photos of the valley with double rainbows.

The water at Waimea looks calm on approach by the shore break is a pounder. Ollie and myself nearly lost our stuff when a rouge wave came right up the ridge. The lifeguards going off duty reminded all the swimmers that its a dangerous break they people have broken bones and died right on the shore - so best to get out - or call 911.

We enjoyed the last of the sunset while the kids played on the sand dunes at the start of the valley.


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